Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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Welcome to the Footscray SES webpage


What do we do?

The Footscray SES provide valuable assistance to the community in many ways.

During floods we help relocate stranded people, evacuate stock to safe areas and sandbag to protect property where appropriate.

2. Storms and Building Damage
When storms occur we are quickly on the scene making temporary repairs to ensure buildings are secure until owners can make permanent repairs.

3. Earthquake
In the event of an earthquake it is possible that every emergency service is involved. SES is responsible for controlling the total response.

4. Search and Rescue
We have highly trained volunteers often involved in assisting Victoria Police with search and rescue operations, on land, inland waters, vertical rescues, bush and snow searches.

5. Crime Scenes
We provide lighting for Victoria Police as well as searching for weapons or other evidence.

6. Support and Relief Roles
We support Victoria Police and other Emergency Services as required. The SES coordinates the activities of other relief agencies when needed, such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

7. Public Relations
Regular PR sessions are held either at the unit or at community events to educate the community on what we do as well as recruiting drives.


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