Saturday, 31 July 2021

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There are many thousands of Victorian homes, properties and businesses at risk of floods.

Don’t let recent droughts fool you, Victoria is still prone to major flooding. Australia has a variable climate dominated by droughts and flooding rains.

The SES knows it is vital for families, businesses and communities to be aware of flood risks, prepare, practice and test their emergency plans and be ready when flooding occurs.

Did you know? Floods cause more damage in terms of dollars and lives lost, per year, than any other natural hazard in Australia.

Impacts include:

    • Lives lost
    • Houses and businesses flooded or cut-off
    • Roads cut and bridges damaged or destroyed
    • Buildings, fencing and machinery damaged
    • Pets and livestock lost
    • Power, sewage and drinking water affected

If you live or work close to a creek, river, major stormwater drain or in a low-lying area, you may be at risk from floods… even if you have never experienced flooding before, as every flood is different

Even if your home or workplace is not directly affected, you may still have to travel through surrounding areas affected by flooding.

In response to these risks, SES is implementing FloodSafe in many areas of Victoria.

To learn more about what you can do before, during and after floods download an SES FloodSafe brochure and emergency toolkit.

Resource Material:
There is a range of resource material available, both listed below for download or available by contacting your local VICSES, view the Contact Us area for contact information.

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